LSV’s Lifesaving Conference 2017 was all about You, Me, Us…

In preparation for the coming lifesaving season, LSV held its key annual lifesaving conference with the theme for the year: “Volunteerism: It’s You, It’s Me, It’s Us” to enhance healthy practices for clubs and members.

The conference was well attended by over 250 Victorian lifesaving club members, as well as club presidents, executive and state officers, LSV directors and senior management including CEO Nigel Taylor and Gabrielle Williams MP, Parliamentary Secretary for Health, Carers and Volunteers.

The conference provided volunteers with the latest resources and information in preparation for the 2017/18 season, encompassing aquatic sports, training and assessment, membership and leadership development, LSV education and lifesaving operations.

Author and team-builder John Pasorelli was the keynote speaker at the conference and delivered a speech called Volunteering with Significance, which talked of creating meaningful experiences for volunteer teams, relevant to LSV’s 33,000 volunteers.

It was noted that, with lifesaving volunteer efforts, Victoria maintained its record of zero drownings between the red and yellow flags on our state’s beaches.

In his introduction, LSV President Tom Mollenkopf reminded delegates of the conference theme saying: “There is no them in the theme – Volunteerism – It’s You, It’s Me, It’s Us. It’s about us as volunteers taking ownership of problems and possibilities.”

The conference was also an opportunity for clubs to exchange ideas and activities with fellow lifesavers and for LSV staff to provide demonstrations of new resources available to clubs.


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