Victorian. And Proud of it

The Victorian Government is featuring one of Bonbeach Life Saving Club’s award-winning Multicultural Surf Rescue Certificate course participants in its ‘Victorian. And Proud of it’ campaign.

Elyas, an 18 year old originally from Afghanistan, is the subject of a virtual reality video that profiles a day in his life on patrol at Bonbeach LSC.

The video is part of a larger campaign by the Victorian Government that celebrates real-life examples of contribution and belonging, as told by real Victorians.

The video will be seen all across Victoria, through Vicky the Truck – a high tech truck that tours events across the state to promote the ‘Victorian. And Proud of it’ campaign.

Through an interactive digital experience, visitors to Vicky will get the chance to voice why they’re a proud Victorian and share it with others.

Visitors to ‘Vicky’ will have an immersive video experience using Virtual Reality (VR) headsets, seeing stories of real Victorians – such as Elyas – living by shared values and making their contribution to our community.

Bonbeach LSC partnered with LSV’s Multicultural Department to deliver a Multicultural Surf Rescue Certificate course to 17 young people in January. The program won the 2017 Outstanding Achievement of the Year award at LSV’s recent Awards of Excellence.

Image credit: ‘Victorian. And Proud of it’ campaign

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