Turning Beach Trash into Works of Art

Half Moon Bay SLSC has created a unique way to clean up Black Rock Beach, with the club’s members turning unwanted trash into stunning sculptures.

The Black Rock Pick-Up Project encourages volunteer members and the local community to keep the beach safe and clean by collecting rubbish and turning it into works of art.

Half Moon Bay SLSC Coordinator Lucy Allinson said the club is providing two difference courses, which combine beach safety education and art, to teach participants how to reduce and reuse rubbish.

“Both courses take place over a five week periodeach course has been tailored so there is one for our older participants and one aimed at the youth,” she said.

“We are facilitating creativity, making art, and having good old fashioned fun at the clubrooms and on the beach, turning debris into masterpieces.”

‘My Local Environment and Nature Art’ has already run successfully with the younger group, concluding last Sunday 13 August. ‘From Marine Debris to Art, Take Action’ will commence on Sunday 20 August and is still taking bookings.

The project is a combined effort of Half Moon Bay SLSC, Sustainability Victoria, Bayside Council, Life Saving Victoria, and Marinecare Artists Emma Garcia Lopez and Bronwyn Lewis.

Their mission is: “To reduce debris and pollution in our bay and to increase beach awareness by educating through the creation of art pieces, developing practical solutions and using community based strategies.”

Courses are open to the public and numbers are limited so book now to secure your place.  To register contact lewis-t@bigpond.net.au  or call Emma Lopez 0403 254 311.

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