Swimming, Water Safety and Technology

The increasing advancements in technology is inevitable in today’s society and will continue to play a vital role in education for schools and communities, as evidenced by the State Government’s recent announcement of the Digi-Tech Start-Up Grants initiative. Life Saving Victoria (LSV) is embracing this opportunity and is committed to exploring ways in which technology can be best utilised to increase children and the community learning swimming and water safety.

Outlined below are a range of digital resources and programs that are currently on the go at LSV:

Education from Anywhere

Education from Anywhere is a free online resource portal, which was developed by LSV to enable school teachers and communities to access a wide range of water safety and emergency response resources, anytime and from anywhere.

The portal contains cross-curriculum lesson plans for Foundation (Prep) to Year 10, Fact Sheets, Videos and much more! To access the resource portal, click HERE.

Everyday Lifesaver App

Transforming the way LSV teaches water safety education, the Everyday Lifesaver App was launched in October 2015. The App uses gamification to make learning water safety, emergency response and CPR more engaging for upper primary and secondary school students.

To download the App and to access teacher support resources, click HERE.

Bronze e-Lifesaving

Royal Life Saving’s Bronze e-Lifesaving is an interactive online program that challenges and engages secondary school students on issues such as risk-taking behaviour, peer influences and alcohol consumption when recreating in and around water.

For more information and to access, click HERE.

Virtual Excursions

Currently in a pilot phase, this project provides an exciting opportunity to utilise online platforms and innovative video conference technology to deliver an ‘all emergencies, all communities’ approach to safety education.

Virtual Reality (VR)

LSV is exploring whether VR can be used as an education tool for teaching water safety, in particular aquatic hazard identification – Watch this space!

Education from Anywhere eNewsletter

The eNewsletter is sent by LSV once a school term and is a great resource to update school teachers and communities on water safety programs, resources and exciting events.

Subscribe to the eNewsletter by clicking HERE.

To discuss any of the above further, feel free to contact the LSV Education team on 03 9676 6940 or education@lsv.com.au.

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