Introduction of App set to improve volunteer training delivery

LSV’s volunteer training team has recently conducted trials on a new app, which is set to improve training delivery for volunteer trainers and assessors.

Built on the success of an offline app launched last year by LSV’s Public Training and Pool Safety department, it will make the delivery of training easier and faster for both trainers and participants.

The volunteer training app will provide an efficient way to collect assessment evidence through a digital platform, speeding up the process of allocating awards to volunteers.

To date, the system has been trialled on Resuscitation and Silver Medallion Beach Management courses, finding advantages including decreasing the number of forms to complete and automating checks to ensure nothing is missed in collecting evidence and completing forms.

In further developments of the app, users will also be able to create and store profiles and specific information, to further cut down on repetitive administration requirements.

LSV Manager Volunteer Member Training Dean Hemburrow said the introduction of the app is an exciting development for volunteer training.

“The app offers a smart, efficient way to collate assessment evidence during and after a course,” he said.

“Most of the app’s functions are available offline, so it can be used even when connection to the internet is limited.”

“Using the app will also help ensure compliance requirements are met across each of our courses, by providing up to date information, reducing paperwork and tracking live data.”

Trials will continue during the winter months on various courses.

For further information, contact the volunteer training team on 03 9676 6950 (option 2) or

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