New Australians Become Lifesavers

Seventeen newly arrived youth from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Cambodia are now patrolling the beach as some of Victoria’s newest lifesavers.

The group recently completed their lifesaving training at Bonbeach Life Saving Club, after being identified as prospective trailblazers at various LSV Multicultural Beach Programs.

LSV’s Multicultural team educated over 4,000 Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) participants through Beach and Open Water Learning Experience Programs over the recent summer, at beaches, lifesaving clubs, rivers, lakes, and swimming pools across the state.

Focused on bridging the ‘water safety information and diversity gap’ for CALD community members, LSV has helped train hundreds of new Australians in aquatics since 2007.

Despite having no prior experience with the surf, these new recruits completed a year of swimming preparation before joining the lifesaving club, where they attained their Surf Rescue Certificates.

Completing this foundation qualification allows the newly qualified lifesavers will to patrol the beach, while building their skills through further training.

LSV Manager for Multicultural Projects, David Holland commended Bonbeach Life Saving Club for its vital contribution to LSV’s Multicultural Water Safety and Settlement strategy.

“Programs like these not only benefit youth from other countries, but the community as a whole,” Mr Holland said.

For more information, please contact the Multicultural Team on 9676 6921 or email multicultural

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