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Six draft ‘Guidelines for Safe Pool Operations’ remain open for comment on the new RLSSA Aquatic Industry Safety Hub.

These guidelines have been open for review since December 2016 and subscribers are invited to recommend any changes or improvements through the ‘Improvement Request Form’.

All improvement requests will be logged, analysed and discussed by the National Aquatic Industry Safety Committee before the planned release in May 2017.

The six draft guidelines are:

  • Asset Management
  • Safe Design
  • Facility Design
  • Swimming Pool Design
  • Aquatic Signage
  • Safety Equipment

As part of the changes, all guidelines will undergo a new look and will include the following content changes to each guideline:

  • Effective as of Date
  • Scope
  • Forms / Templates
  • Descriptive rather than prescriptive

The guidelines are available to access and view by subscribed members from the website

The new / revised guidelines impact all areas of safety associated with swimming pool design, build and operation. This is the opportunity for the industry to provide meaningful input and feedback, to ensure the content reflects the differing needs and musts of different facility types.

The new guidelines will be considered the industry best practise benchmark, which all facilities should strive to reach and exceed. The guidelines have been referred to in multiple legal situations (including cases currently in the court system) and facilities should plan ahead to ensure that they are resourced to understand and implement the content when it is released.

Once the feedback periods closes and the guidelines are released the changes will begin to be implemented into the various industry training and servicing structures by industry peak bodies.

For further information, visit the LSV website

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