Swimming & Water Safety in the Victorian Curriculum

In a positive step forward towards preventing drowning death and injury in Victoria, the Victorian Curriculum F-10, being implemented in all Victorian Government and Catholic schools from 2017, now requires swimming and water safety programs to be taught as part of Health and Physical Education in the standard curriculum.

What does the Victorian Curriculum F-10 say about Swimming & Water Safety?

  • Development of knowledge and skills relating to survival swimming and basic water safety can significantly reduce a child’s drowning risk and enhance community safety.
  • Swimming has been identified as a lifelong physical activity.
  • Programs must focus on building awareness, knowledge and skills so that students can safely participate in a range of aquatic activities.
  • The Victorian Curriculum: HPE can be downloaded HERE. 

What is the Victorian Water Safety Certificate?

  • The Victorian Water Safety Certificate is a Victorian Government initiative, which describes specific competencies that should be achieved by the end of primary school.
  • The Certificate describes specific competencies that focus on water safety knowledge, rescue skills, a survival sequence and the ability to swim a continuous distance of 50 meters.
  • The Certificate is designed to supplement existing swimming & water safety programs delivered by schools and learn-to-swim providers. A Teacher Guide is provided to support the assessment of the Certificate competencies.
  • Once a student has achieved the competencies, schools and learn-to-swim providers can order the certificates from Life Saving Victoria (LSV).
  • More information including a sample certificate, teacher guide and order form can be found HERE. 

How can our school deliver Swim and Survive?

  • The Swim and Survive program is a national swimming and water safety initiative of the Royal Life Saving Society, and the Active (school-age) program aligns to the Victorian Curriculum.
  • Schools can source an external provider HERE or become a licensed provider of the program.
  • The program includes a comprehensive set of resources (lesson plans, games etc.) and awards (certificates and logbooks) to support its delivery.
  • Learn more HERE or contact Jennifer Howgate, LSV Coordinator Aquatic Education Services on 9676 6942.

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