Woolamai Beach SLSC Goes Solar

Woolamai Beach SLSC’s renewable energy project is officially underway, following a launch hosted by Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change, the Hon Lily D’Ambrosio on 16 November.

Ms D’Ambrosio was joined by Woolamai SLSC members and LSV representatives to unveil the club’s newly installed solar panel system on a sunny Bass Coast day. Ms D’Ambrosio also took the opportunity to meet and greet with volunteers and tour the Woolamai SLSC clubhouse.

The LSV Community Renewables Solar Grants initiative has been taken up by 42 Victorian lifesaving clubs this year, funding the purchase and installation of a 5 kilowatt solar panel system for each club.

Woolamai Beach SLSC elected to boost their energy savings by opting for a 10 kilowatt system, co-funded by State Government and the club itself.

The shift toward renewable energy is helping Victorian clubs save money on their electricity bills as well as become more ecologically responsible.

Ms D’Ambrosio said that lifesaving clubs will not only benefit from lower energy costs but also reduce their greenhouse gas emissions each year.

The grants are part of the $500,000 Community Renewables Solar Grants Initiative, which was announced by the State Government in January.

LSV General Manager Lifesaving Club Development Andrew Foran said reducing the costs of electricity means clubs can spend more money on critical lifesaving activities.

“This is an opportunity for our clubs to use their money where it’s needed most – to help save lives on our beaches,” Mr Foran said.


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