Helicopter Live Streaming

Victoria’s Westpac Lifesaver Rescue Helicopters are providing real-time remote data to help emergency services monitor unpatrolled beaches and isolated locations.

The live-streaming technology not only assists LSV, but also other agencies such as Victoria Police, for incidents that can range from searches to emergency responses.

The footage allows viewers to identify beach visitation data, ocean conditions, and the spread of beachgoers at unpatrolled or remote locations.

It also gives real-time data on the location of rock fishers in remote areas.

Life Saving Operations Manager Greg Scott says the camera feed is recorded so it can be reviewed and analysed to determine trends.

“The information assists LSV with resourcing and helps us understand conditions in various at-risk locations,’’ Mr Scott said.

“It also provides better situational awareness for incident management and response and can be accessed by the Rescue Coordination Centre, police and other emergency services when required.’’

Introduced in December 2014, live streaming has helped LSV with resourcing and understanding conditions at a number of at-risk locations.

It uses the 4G network, which means that it can stream from nearly everywhere in Victoria.

The cameras can also capture training sequences and incident responses, which can be used for further training and review.

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